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Divine Bird Proofreading

I have been a writer for over 30 years, specializing in history, romance, fantasy and sci-fi.  A lifelong voracious reader, I was one of those kids who had her nose in a book at every opportunity.  My streak of perfectionism caused me to develop a hatred of misplaced apostrophes in particular.  Typos leap off the page at me—not just misspelled words but also misused words and repeated phrases.

While I think it’s okay to bend or even break the rules of grammar if the project calls for it, I find errors in a published work to be unacceptable.  Using the wrong form of a word or a comma in the wrong place can confuse your reader and make them question the validity of your writing.  My job is to help you get your message out clearly.  I work quickly, thoroughly, and thoughtfully.  Over the years, I’ve worked with friends and colleagues on a wide variety of projects, including:

Meet Jenny Bannock

§  short stories

§  poetry

§  self-published and traditionally-published novels

§  term papers

§  theses

§  cover letters

§  SEO articles

§  textbook copy

I currently have a sci-fi novel in development, and I write an occasional blog series about the writing process.