Making the world more readable, one author at a time

Divine Bird Proofreading

How Do I Start?

Write the best book you can write.  Edit it. Rewrite it.  Send it through crit groups and get it to the point where you're ready to send it out into the world.  That's when you contact me.

​I will read your book, make the changes I think it needs, and then you get to decide if you accept them or not.  You can give me as much or as little control over the changes as you want - it's your book!
Every author, no matter how amazing, needs a good editor before their work goes to print. A Proofreader, Line Editor, or Copy Editor can help polish your writing and make it look its best.

I'm here to ensure that your heroine pursues the bad guy - instead of perusing him! I'll check for correct comma usage so your character doesn't enjoy cooking his family and his pets. I'll even watch for passive voice, awkward phrasing, and repeated words that you might not even notice anymore.

Why Hire a Proofreader?